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Welcome to Just Property Management

We can appreciate how moving house can be a busy time for you so we have compiled this web book to provide general answers to frequently asked questions.

We, at Just Property Management, welcome you as a tenant and we hope that you enjoy your new home.  

Before moving in

Congratulations on your new home!

In preparation for your move in date please be sure to have the utility accounts set up in your name before taking occupancy to ensure your utilities can be connected in time.


To make moving easier for you we've partnered with Fast Connect, a free connection and disconnection service. With minimal effort you can organise your connections, disconnections or both through a convenient, seamless and stress free approach.

You can expect to receive an email and/or SMS regarding your connection requirements (if you don't receive this within 24 hours of being approved for the home please let us know). If you'd like to take advantage of this service follow the prompts on the SMS or email and choose the services that best suit your new home and they will look after the rest.


Alternatively to contact by phone please call:

Synergy – 131353

Alinta gas – 131358

Telstra – 132200

*Please note that you are not allowed to turn the gas supply on until you have notified Alinta gas.


Contents Insurance

Please be aware that the owner’s property insurance does not cover your personal belongings. We recommend to organise contects insurance in case of of damage or theft. Remember to ask your insurer what to do to make sure you’re covered for the duration of the move.


Change your address

It’s best to do this as early possible, so you don’t have to rely on the new occupants of your old home to forward your mail. Notify the post office immediately of your new address to set up a re-direct and then contact businesses and government bodies, including your car insurer and registration provider, electoral roll, your banks, superannuation and magazine subscriptions to make sure your mail is going to the correct place. 


Pack a first night box

Nothing is worse than moving into a new home and frantically searching through boxes at midnight trying to find your toothbrush! Designate a box for a change of clothing, pyjamas, basic toiletries including toilet paper, toothbrush and toothpaste, linen such as towels, sheets and doona's, and coffee/tea/sugar.



See below our handy checklist to assist you in the lead up to your move in day.

Check List

Bond Payments

Prior to collecting your keys you'll be required to pay a Bond. This is equal to four times your weekly rent, plus a pet bond of $260 if you have been approved to keep a pet that can carry parasites such as fleas.

Once paid your bond will be lodged with the Bonds Administration.

Here at Just Property Management we understand that moving home is expensive enough without the added financial stress of paying your bond upfront. If you'd like to organise to pay your bond over 6 or 12 monthly instalments ask us about easyBondpay.


Here are some links for further information.


Paying Your Rent

How to pay your rent

We understand that tenants are busy people and therefore we offer a number of options for the payment of rent  as follows:

Direct debit

This is most tenants preferred method as you can simply set and forget. Let us know if you’d like us to arrange this for you.


If you would like arrange to pay your rent through Centrepay you will need to contact Centrelink direct to set this up with them.

Electronic transfer

This can be set up with your bank or arranged via phone or internet banking using the following details;

Account name: Just Property Management
BSB: 306-004
Account number: 0552627


Please ensure that you use your unique tenant reference number on each transaction, this identifies which tenant the rent belongs to. If the incorrect code is used there may be a delay in receipting your rent which could result in a breach notice.

Cheques/money orders

These can be mailed to our post office box at PO Box 2250 Bunbury WA 6231 or dropped into our reception. If mailing please be aware the post can take 4-6 working days to be delivered which might affect your rental payment reaching our office by your rent due date.


Rent Arrears

Here at Just Property Management we have a zero tolerance policy for late rent payments. This means that rent is to be paid IN ADVANCE at all times to avoid a Breach Notice being issued. If breach notices are not rectified, possible termination of the agreement may result. Any breach and termination notices are disclosed for any future references to prospective landlords and agents and therefore should be kept to a minimum.


Our ZERO TOLERANCE Policy for Late Rent Payments


At Just Property Management we pride ourselves in our careful tenant qualification and screening processes. Applications are approved ONLY on the grounds that we are confident that the rent will be paid on time. However a minority of tenants still get behind in their rent, despite all of our tenant screening procedures.

As we do not know who this will be when we sign tenancy agreements, we need to advise each tenant of our Zero Tolerance Policy for late rent payments.

Part of keeping people on track with their tenancy rental payment commitment involves; phone calls and personal follow up. This has caused some people upset, embarrassment and also resentment. However we do not apologise for such action as we believe that rent must be paid on time... all the time! We make it clear that our clients who own the rental property have taken out a mortgage. This person has approved your application ONLY on the grounds your rent will be paid on time... every time!

Therefore if you believe you may be late with a payment we insist that you notify us at least three (3) working days before that payment is due so we can warn the landlord so that they can prepare to make other arrangements to ensure their financial commitments are kept. In some cases we ask that you do all that you can do to borrow the money from other sources (family, friends etc) should you not be able to make a payment. However, should we not be contacted, our policy is....

  • Rent not received on due date We will Call and/or SMS the tenant.
  • 2 days in arrears We will breach the tenant and send an SMS reminder.
  • 2 - 6 days  in arrears We will send further SMS messages and phone calls will be made. All actions will be documented.
  • 7 days in arrears We will phone the owner to advise the rent has fallen into arrears. The owner will receive frequent updates from this point onwards.
  • 8 days or more in arrears Further calls will be made to the tenant and debt collector action will be taken.
  • 14 to 16 days in arrears We will continue contacting the tenant to follow up and inform them that the breach notice is close to expiring, next step is termination. The owner will be notified of all updates.

EVICTION will follow if full payment is not received!

Sometimes some tenants are continually late with payments, without becoming a full 14 days behind. if we have a tenant that is consistently behind despite all of our efforts, we will recommend to the landlord for this lease not to be renewed. The tenant will be required to vacate the property at the end of their lease, this can also affects the tenants rental reference should a new landlord or agent require one.

In extreme cases, details of the tenancy are lodged on a Tenant Check Internet Data Base. This will affect further tenancy arrangements with other real estate agents not only in your local area, but Australia wide. This will cause you inconvenience and hardship.

Therefore we encourage everyone to ensure their rent is paid on time, and also so that our business relationship remains beneficial for both parties.


Please call us on 9791 8855 should you have any queries or concerns regarding our Zero Tolerance policy.


The importance of accurately completing your Property Condition Report and returning within 7 days


Your Property Manager will complete a Property Condition Report along with supporting photographs prior to your move in date. Two copies of this report will be given to you either at the time you collect your keys on your move in date, or we will post it out to you within 7 days or your lease start date.


This document is very important when moving in and can result in loss of bond at the end of your tenancy if not completed accurately.


Please follow the below checklist for your Property Condition Report.

Check List

Maintenance Checklist - Please try these before logging a maintenance request

How to Report a Maintenance Issue

Download the app

Scan, or take a picture of the QR code below to download.




Click here for Apple users.

Click here for Android users.

The app is free to download and only takes a second! Ensure that the country is set correctly then select ‘Are you a new user? Register Now’.

You will then be prompted to enter your email address. Please ensure that you enter the same primary email address that you provided to us on your lease agreement as it links directly to our system and will not recognise you as a tenant if a different address is used. Then simply follow the prompts to register your account!


Submit a request

To report a maintenance issue, open your ‘Maintenance Manager Tenant App’ and select ‘Report an Issue’. Your property address will be inputted automatically, if the wrong address is appearing please call our office. Enter in all information into the required fields and upload a photo of the problem then select ‘send’. Please ensure that you are providing as much information as possible so that we can action your request as soon as possible.


Before proceeding with logging your maintenance request with our office please refer to this guide first to avoid any unnecessary call outs which could result in a charge.

No Electricity?

Have you contacted Synergy? There may be a fault in the area.

If renting a unit – have you checked with a neighbour? It may be the Body Corporate that needs to be contacted for action.

Have you checked your fuse box? There may have been an overload and the safety switch has been activated and needs re-setting.


No hot water?

Is it gas or electric? Have you arranged connection of your gas or electricity?

If it is an electric hot water system:

Have you checked to see if your hot water system needs re-filling/topping up? There is normally a copper valve on electric hot water systems and an overflow pipe. This quite commonly needs to be carried out every six months or so. Have you checked the fuse in the metre box? Has someone turned off the fuse by mistake? Have you checked that the water tap on the hot water system itself is turned on?

If it is a gas hot water system:

Have you checked to see if your pilot light has gone out? Most units are easily relit – follow the instructions normally located to the inside of the system. If you have gas cylinders are they empty?


Lights not working?

Have you checked your fuse box? If there has been an overload the safety switch may need resetting. 

Have you replaced the light bulbs (and starters for fluoro tubes)?


Power points not working?

Have you checked your fuse box? There may have been an overload and the safety switch has been activated and needs re-setting.

Have you checked if one of your appliances were faulty?

Unplug all appliances in the house. Reset the safety switch in the metre box. If the safety switch trips or blows again with nothing plugged in, contact our office. If all is well with nothing plugged in, it is likely an appliance is faulty. Once you have unplugged all of your appliances and re-set the safety switch, start plugging in your appliances one by one. For example: plug in your fridge and check the safety switch has not clicked off. If the safety switch does click off you know that there is a fault with the fridge and you need to get it repaired. Otherwise disconnect the fridge and plug in the stereo and continue the same process checking all of your appliances until the faulty appliance is located. If the electrician attends to the job and finds the fault is with one of your appliances, you will be charged their fees.


Stove element is not working?

Have you checked the connections to make sure they are not loose or dirty? Sometimes pulling the element out and cleaning them and putting back in again can fix the problem. Please remember to switch off the power to the stove prior to touching the elements.

Some stoves have on/off switches, usually on the wall near the stove, below the benchtop or in a near by cabinet. Please check for this switch and ensure its in the "on" position.


Regular maintenance

Please ensure you are checking the below items regularly:

  • Pipes (under the basin in cupboards, feel for any leaks or dampness)
  • Dripping taps (both inside and out)
  • Reticulation (please ensure set correctly and working, and sprinkler heads are intact and uncovered)
  • Gutters - do they appear full, weeds and leaves etc.
  • Water damage such as mould and stains to ceilings, bubbling/flaking paintwork (inside and out)
  • Toilet cistern not running constantly
  • Smoke alarms (have the batteries been changed?)


For any urgent maintenance items such as burst water pipes, no hot water or electricity or a gas leak please call our office immediately on 9791 8855.


After hours?

For urgent after hours repairs please avoid logging an online maintenance request and instead call 9791 8855. Our office number will divert to our on-call phone where you can leave your name, contact number, property address and a brief description of the urgent maintenance item you wish to report and we will return your call within the hour (after 7.00AM and before 8.00PM).

Preparing for your Routine Inspection


Routine inspections will be carried out on a regular basis. The first inspection will done at approximately 6 weeks after the commencement of your tenancy and then 3 monthly thereafter. Inspections are mandatory and we provide between 7 – 14 days notice of the upcoming inspection via email and SMS.

These inspections are conducted on iPads and will involve photo’s and/or video being taken. If there are any belongings you would prefer not be photographed please let our inspector know on arrival or cover up these items if possible prior to your inspection. An electronic copy of the inspection report will be forwarded to your email address for your records upon completion.

It is important that we conduct regular inspections so that we can confirm the property is being maintained as per lease requirements and keep up to date with any repairs or maintenance.

Please take this as an opportunity to show case your property!


In preparation for your inspection we ask that you ensure the following check list is actioned:

Check List

Maintaining your Lawns and Gardens

The lawns and gardens must be kept neat and tidy at all times. This includes ensuring the grounds are well watered, lawns regularly mowed and edged (including removing the clippings from the property), fertilised as required, lawns and gardens kept weed free, pruning of the trees/bushes and maintenance of sprinkler heads and reticulation.

Weeding – Weed garden beds and paving regularly to avoid it becoming a huge job! Light raking of garden beds will control weed growth and enhance presentation. Commercial sprays such as “Roundup” are available at most nurseries/hardware stores to assist in weed control.

Fertilising – Regular fertilising to all lawn areas as well as your plants is important and should form part of any maintenance program. We strongly recommend the use of a quality wetting agent twice a year as recommended by The Water Corp. This will also reduce the amount of watering required to keep your lawns healthy.

Pruning – Trim back plants and trees after flowering has finished, usually during the winter months.

General – Ensure that mulch is kept away from the stem of the plants/shrubs.

Reticulation – If your property has auto reticulation, check the operation and make sure you are happy with the settings. Be aware that most controllers require a back up battery and in many cases a NiCad rechargeable is needed; it is essential to fit the correct type to avoid damage to the controller. To ensure that pop up sprinklers continue to operate effectively we suggest you find the sprinkler heads and carefully cut around them with a knife to ensure removal of grass and sand from the pop up top. Bunnings sell a cutter that makes trimming around sprinklers very easy. This will assist trouble free operation and prevent the sprinkler remaining stuck up in the air and vulnerable to shoes and lawn mowers. This will need doing again during the season to keep them working effectively.


Care of your Carpets


Carpets must be kept clean and vacuumed on a regular basis. Professional steam cleaning should also be arranged at regular intervals – not just upon vacating. If the carpets are accidentally damaged or stained, please contact us and we can obtain professional advice for you on how to repair or replace them.


When vacating please ensure carpets are steam cleaned in order to avoid a bond deduction for carpet cleaning. Dry cleaning or shampooing of carpets is not acceptable.

Care of your Shower Screens


Care of your Shower Screens

Because of the mineral content of the water in the Bunbury and surrounding areas, unless the water is wiped off the glass, calcium and other etching of the glass will occur leaving what appears as a milky white residue.  This will gradually worsen to the point that it cannot be cleaned off, which could result in a loss of bond monies to replace the glass. 

It is important that glass shower screens be cleaned regularly (at least once a week) to remove the build-up. We recommend the use of a squeegee after each shower to reduce the build up and cut down on cleaning time.

For cleaning we recommend Magic Erasers. These are fine like fibres that power through grime without the use of any chemical detergents. Simply activate with water and wipe the glass.


Can I keep a Pet at the Property?

Unless a pet is specifically approved on your lease, pets are not allowed on the property at any time. If you are thinking of getting a new pet, please ensure you firstly contact our office to put through a formal request for the owners consideration.

If approved your pet will be added to your lease agreement and you will be required to pay a pet bond of $260, and ensure the pet remains outside at all times unless approved by the owner to be an inside pet. Upon vacating you will be required to have the home sprayed professionally for fleas internally and externally at your own expense if you have been permitted to keep a pet. Should this not be organised we will arrange this as a deduction from your bond.

Please note that in unit complexes the strata company By-Laws usually forbid pets.

Thinking Of Allowing Your Pet Inside? THINK AGAIN!

If you have been permitted to have an outside cat or dog, please be advised if the pet is allowed inside YOU ARE BREACHING YOUR TENANCY AGREEMENT. This is in breach not only of the pet lease agreement but also your tenancy agreement that you have agreed to and can result in the lease being terminated. Further we may ask that the pet be removed permanently, and also we will be unable to allow any further pets should you request. This is a serious matter as the following are common problems we wish to avoid:


Animal Hair

Pet hair in-ground into the carpet will not be removed successfully by steam cleaning as moisture allows the hair to stick to the fibres of the carpet. Lengthy professional vacuuming will only do this job successfully. The carpets may have to be professionally treated to remove the pet hair- this is charged at full cost to the tenant!

Some people are also allergic to cat hair. Tenants moving into properties may have severe allergic reactions should cat hair be present inside the property. This may result in legal action against the landlord, and as you may understand, we can only forward such action to the tenant that allowed their pet access to the property!


Animal Urine

Damage- urine can be very acidic and can damage the pile of carpet- particularly in cats and young animals. This can result in compensation being charged and in some cases, full replacement of carpets! Urine may even stain the carpet permanently. Stains can result in compensation or in extreme cases full replacement of the carpet. It is very hard to remove pet smells and professional deodorising may also be necessary. Damage caused by urine and staining will be charged to the tenant! Full cost to replace carpets may also be charged if the situation is serious enough!



Damaged/clawed flyscreens and carpets, chewed woodwork and clawed doors and doorways is common when tenants allow their pets inside access. Cats can also claw and climb curtains damaging them in the process. If the item cannot be successfully repaired, it will need to be replaced.  This is charged to the tenant IN FULL. The costs here can be quite substantial and charges of hundreds of dollars are not uncommon!



Fleas coming from a pet can quickly infest the carpet, also laying eggs. Further professional fumigation is required in this situation. This is charged to the tenant!


Animal Hygiene

As pets are not washed as frequently as people, it is inappropriate to allow them access inside. Allowing pets to come inside, particularly if washing is infrequent- OR NOT AT ALL is only inviting problems that will cause problems at the final vacating inspection.


SOMEONE ELSE Owns the Property!

At the end of the day, someone else owns the property! As a tenant, you are entitled to enjoyment of the property however allowing your pet inside without permission disrespects the person who owns it. 


The whole aim of this info sheet is to request that you please keep your pet outside! We thank you for your co-operation in this important matter.

Your Lease Agreement


Only the people originally included on your application and approved by the owner are allowed to reside at the property permanently. If a new tenant wishes to replace an existing tenant our office must be informed in order to complete an application and receive approval from the owner before taking up residence. Then, if approved, we will prepare a variation to your lease agreement for signing.


Breaking Lease

If you require to break your lease and if the owner grants their permission, the tenant may be liable to pay for any costs reasonably incurred by the owner in respect of re-letting the property, including but not limiting to:

  1. The rent and other outgoings on the property until it is relet (or until the end of tenancy whichever occurs sooner).
  2. Reimbursement to the owner of any additional leasing fees charged for reletting the property which the owner is paying due to the termination.
  3. Reimbursement to the owner for the cost of any final inspection fee and/or inventory fee.
  4. Reimbursement to the owner for advertising costs.
  5. Usual costs for the upkeep of the property until it is relet (or until the end of the tenancy, whichever occurs sooner).

How Much Notice do I Need to Give to Vacate?

If you intend to vacate or renew your lease at the end of your fixed term tenancy, we require a minimum of 30 days notice in writing.

Once your fixed term agreement expires, it becomes a periodic tenancy and you are required to give not less than 21 days written notice prior to vacating.


Extending your Lease

Approximately 2 months before your current lease ends we will contact you via email or mail to let you know your lease is coming close to its expiry date. If you wish to extend for a further fixed term, please contact us to arrange a new lease agreement subject to the owners approval.

If your not yet sure of your plans, let our friendly team know and we will make a note to contact you closer to the expiry date.


Amendments to the Property


Please do not use blue-tack or adhesive substances to hang or place pictures on the walls or doors as removal of these items usually causes damage to the walls. This includes the popular “Command” hooks which have been known to commonly damage paintwork. We understand that you may wish to install hooks and if so please supply Just Property Management with a plan of where you wish to add hooks of which will be forwarded to the owner to gain their approval.



If the property does not have a foxtel dish and you wish to have it fitted, please notify our office and we will advise you in writing of the owner’s approval and the conditions of installation. The owner’s permission must be sought prior to having Foxtel installed, if not and the owner does not grant permission the dish etc. will require removal at the tenants cost.

Waste and Recycling


Rubbish must be placed in proper bins, which include a General Waste Bin, Recycle Bin and sometimes an Organic Waste bin depending on your area. There can be a delay in receiving a new bin when re-ordering, so if you require a new one at any time please do not delay in contacting our office.


Tip Passes

Only the Shire of Harvey supply “tip passes”, other councils do not offer the passes any more as they have road side collections for hard waste and green waste several times a year.


For more information and to find out your waste collection days, see the below links


Find out how to easily track your water use by conducting a meter test or regularly reading your meter

Water Consumption

As a tenant you are responsible to pay for your water consumption. You will receive an account for payment approximately every 2-4 months, depending on when your water meter is read by Aqwest or the Water Corporation. This account will be sent to your nominated email address.

Payment is to be made directly to Just Property Management within 14 days of receipt of the account, using the same payment details as your rent.

Every property has a water meter, which was read as you moved in and recorded on your Property Condition Report.  You are advised to monitor your consumption and check the amount your reticulation is using on a regular basis. It is your responsibility to maintain lawns and gardens and to monitor your water consumption. If your watering system is manual, much of the above still applies, particularly choosing to water in the cool of the evening or early morning. Centrelink concession holders may be entitled to a concession on the water consumption account, please contact the relevant water authority for further details.



How to read your water meter to avoid large water bills

You can keep track of the amount of water being used by members of your household by reading your meter regularly.

Read from left to right. Where billing is concerned you only need to read the black numbers (on a white background) which measures the kilolitres. The Water Corporation/Aqwest only bills for kilolitres consumed. (100 litres=1kl)

Reading your water meter regularly and keeping a simple record of your consumption can help you alter your consumption habits to suit your budget.

IMPORTANT: It can also help you detect possible leaks. A simple check involves turning off all water consumption devices and taps on your property (remember, don't turn the tap or stopcock off at the meter) and looking to see if the water is still recording. If it is, you should advise Just Property Management as soon as possible on 9791 8855. Likewise if you notice a leak please don't delay in advising our office.

You can read the red numbers to see how much water your average shower, laundry cycle or dishwasher uses. Just make sure to turn off all other water appliances to give you an accurate reading.


Meter monitoring - Spare a Thought For The Meter Reader

It only takes a few moments for your water meter to be read, but this simple job is sometimes made difficult when the water meter can't be easily accessed.

A clear space of at lease 300mm around and 1200mm above your water meter is required. Please clear sand and mulch and prune overgrown plants.

If you have a dog, please display a sign and keep the dog secured away from the meter area.

We respect your right to safeguard your property by locking entrance gates. Sometimes, however meters are in the backyard or down the side of a house - depending on where the water main is located. If no-one is home, Aqwest of Watercorp will leave a card asking you to call to make arrangement to access the meter.


Are you registered for a concession?

If not, and you hold a Pensioner or State Concession Card, a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card with a WA Seniors Card of a WA Seniors Card, call our Customer Service Executive to find out how to register with Aqwest or Watercorporation.



For enquires related to meter reading and your accounts please call Just Property Management on 9791 8855.


Watering Days

South West

Last digit of
Street/Lot* number


Spring / Summer / Autumn
Two day roster


Total Ban


Spring / Summer / Autumn
7 day roster


Total Ban


Monday and Friday

No watering

Any day

No watering


Wednesday and Saturday

No watering

Any day

No watering


Sunday and Thursday

No watering

Any day

No watering


Monday and Friday

No watering

Any day

No watering


Tuesday and Saturday

No watering

Any day

No watering


Sunday and Wednesday

No watering

Any day

No watering


Monday and Thursday

No watering

Any day

No watering


Tuesday and Friday

No watering

Any day

No watering


Wednesday and Saturday

No watering

Any day

No watering


Sunday and Thursday

No watering

Any day

No watering



Lot number is only to be used if there is no street number

* Sprinklers can only be used either before 9am or after 6pm on your designated watering days







Locked yourself out?

We have a spare set of keys in the office. For security purposes all our keys are coded and do not identify the property address. Should you have locked yourself out you may collect our set during normal office hours providing they are returned immediately.


After hours?

After hours please be advised you will need to contact a locksmith at your own cost. We recommend Southern Lock and Safe, phone 97218228 or Southwest Locksmiths on 0400 798 987.


Smoke Free Policy



Our Smoke Free Policy - For A Smoke Free Property!


We respect your right to smoke, this is your choice! However we wish to outline our office policy, and request that you choose not to smoke inside the rental property.


We want everyone to be able to enjoy their rental property, in the way they wish to enjoy it! However we wish to inform you how smoking will damage the property, and also cause the property to be less desirable for others to enjoy the property in the future.

Therefore for your information, we wish to outline common problems we encounter when people choose to smoke inside a rental property. Most importantly, we wish to outline some the financial consequences of insisting on this choice.



Damage to Paintwork

Interior Surfaces Stained - Regular smoking will over time, coat painted surfaces like walls, ceilings, doors etc in a thin brown film. In bad cases, this yellowy brown coating becomes evident when pictures previously hanging on walls are removed. The picture outline is clear, with white spaces indicating where the picture once hung, with the surrounding walls a distasteful yellowy-brown colour. This can also be clearly seen on the ceilings.

Costly to Rectify - This is can be very expensive to rectify! Not only do all affected surfaces have to be washed before being re-painted, but also coated with a sealer first to stop the brown colour leaching through the paint when it is applied. This can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars in painter’s costs alone. In all cases, this will be charged in full or in part - to the tenant.


Unpleasant Odour

Odours - Regular smoking will also cause a distasteful smell to soak into every part of the property that has been exposed to the smoke. This includes walls, ceilings, doors, curtains, blinds and anything that allows a smell to penetrate! In other words, smoke odour will penetrate EVERYTHING!

Costly To Rectify - This is a huge job to rectify. Curtains need to be dry cleaned and deodorized. The home may have to be deodorized throughout. However, removing the smell may only happen over time. If a property cannot be re-rented because the smell makes the property unattractive to a new tenant, the landlord may insist compensation be claimed against the tenant that caused the problem.


We hope we have given enough reason why we insist that you smoke outside the property, and ask that you respect our office policy.





If your home is an a Strata Managed complex there may be Strata By-laws that must be adhered to.

Ask our friendly Customer Service Executive for a copy if you haven't received this.


Our tips for a smooth vacating process

How Much Notice do I Need to Give to Vacate?

If you intend to vacate or renew your lease at the end of your fixed term tenancy, we require a minimum of 30 days notice in writing.

Once your fixed term agreement expires, it becomes a periodic tenancy and you are required to give not less than 21 days written notice prior to vacating.


See the below booklet for our tips to get your bond refund in full!


Contact us

All General Enquiries

p: 9791 8855


Maintenance Related Enquiries

p: 9792 6467



Or email us at justpropertymanagement@email.propertyme.com


Should you wish to meet with your Assistant Property Manager or Property Manager we would appreciate you contacting the office on 97918855 to make an appointment.



Additional Information